Welcome To Discovering Thyself!

Hello, and welcome to my personal blog and poetry site! Thank you for taking the time to enter the domain of self-discovery – well at least my journey on the road to self-discovery. I hope it may bring some insight, entertainment, or at least, a thought-provoking experience. This is an ongoing writing journey with no expiration date or exact goal in mind, just a quest to find out what lies within and hopefully help others along the way.

The writings herein are all original content written by me. Sometimes written in one sitting, sometimes written days, months, or years ago and revisited. I am not an expert in mental health, nor is this blog intended to give any professional mental health advice. The sole purpose is to express my personal perspective based on my own learned and lived experiences and share them with the world through my own little corner of the internet.

Latest Posts:

  • A world full of distractions
    In a world full of distractions, how should I react when… people all around are hurting so, and hate and suffering fills the world, where people are losing hope and faith, and the screen that meets their eyes portray: a […]
  • A little something I’ve learned #3:
    The key to happiness can only be found in one place, and one place only; from within. The world may be falling apart if you only choose to view the world that way — if you choose to perceive with […]
  • Time can only tell..
    It was only once I questioned myself that the world before me began to change: Once I begged myself the question of my perceived reality, my view of the world began to crumble, and under the veil, the truth blossomed […]
  • It’s OK to cry
    It’s OK to cry,To release the hurt; the pain, the misery, the shame, the guilt — to release, and to grow beyond the tears.
  • Out of the realm
    We’re not falling down, we’re risingOut of the realm of what’s so surprisingLooking around to see what’s whatRunning on to the heart of LoveFeeling all around in this dark abyssAiming for the light to see what’s missedEmbracing all the souls […]

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